Dancehall | Jamaican Dance

Aron Mitu Tesfaye, originaly from Ethiopia, teaches dance in Slovakia for over 10 years.

Every age, from children to adults. Children in Schools can learn and exercise too.

Chidren can realy enjoy and benefit from multicultural dance classes.


Dance classes for children and teenagers


Dancehall Kids

Dancehall is Jamaican Dance, popular all over the world.

Kids loves Dancehall and learn to dance from early age. 

They will learn discipline, rythm and cooperation with other children. 

Memory training through learning and repeating steps. 

If behaved good, children get a reward of short games.

Dancehall Teens

Dancehall is for every age, for men and women.

Steps are devided in women and universal. 

Women steps are strictly prohibited for men.

Reggae is deeply conected with dancehallom and is used for warm up sometimes.


Dancehall For Ladies

Dancehall for adults is a conection of exercise and fun.

Have a social character and no age limit.

Really good for legs, hibs and bottom. Cardio too.

Warm up as steps and repetition, later routine choreo.

The Way I Dance